We need your help!

Npmcompare was developed as a side project and is been maintained by the community and for the community.
If you would like to support the project you can help in a few ways.

  • Donation

    We need your help paying for the infrastructure. npmcompare has grown to handle a lot of requests every day and the ads just don't pay the bills.
    please consider a small donation
    think about it this way, 5$ pays for a server for a whole month!

    How can I donate?

    1. PayPal
      you can send us any amount to the account dcohenb [at] Gmail.
    2. Bitcoin
      Our bitcoin address is: 1DDdWfhgoyDf8FgD7339bAAbAtjfRhXszi
  • Feedback!

    Your feedback means a lot, let us know what you think, share your thoughts and ideas they are more then welcome. you can reach us at dcohenb [at] Gmail.