Comparing connect vs. express vs. koa

How are they different?

Here we compare between connect, express and koa. In this comparison we will focus on the latest versions of those packages. The current versions are connect 3.6.3, express 4.15.4 and koa 2.3.0.

connect, High performance middleware framework. It was authored by TJ Holowaychuk on Dec, 2010.
express, Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework. It was authored by TJ Holowaychuk on Dec, 2010.
koa, Koa web app framework. It was authored on Nov, 2013.

When comparing those packages you notice that express is the more popular package today (33,488 Stars on Github).
connect has been out there for longer (since 7 years ago), it also has less dependencies and less open issues.
express has more versions, more frequent updates, more daily downloads, more weekly downloads, more monthly downloads, more stars on Github, more followers on Github and more forks.
koa has a bigger community of maintainers.

In our review connect got 4,754,006 points, express got 8,507,315 points and koa got 226,360 points. The points are a summary of how big the community is and how well the package is maintained.

Lets dive deeper and have a look at some more details on those packages.

Going into more detail





description High performance middleware framework Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework Koa web app framework
keywords framework, web, middleware, connect, rack express, framework, sinatra, web, rest, restful, router, app, api web, app, http, application, framework, middleware, rack
author TJ Holowaychuk TJ Holowaychuk N/A
Related / similar packages
hapi, restify, sails feathers, loopback, meanjs-core, sails hapi, restify, sails
licenses MIT MIT MIT
created 7 years ago (Dec, 2010) 7 years ago (Dec, 2010) 4 years ago (Nov, 2013)
modified 11 days ago 7 hours ago 4 days ago
total versions 230 253 65
version average every 11 days every 10 days every 21 days
maintainers 1 4 9
dependencies 4 28 24
Daily Downloads 94,614 234,490 5,767
Weekly Downloads 1,747,932 3,277,383 81,666
Monthly Downloads 7,643,635 13,414,874 322,397
open issues 1 152 32
open pull requests 0 30 0
stargazers 7,366 33,488 16,955
subscribers 312 1,711 763
forks 987 6,077 1,502
Overall points






CLI Shortcuts
install npm i -S connect npm i -S express npm i -S koa
remove npm r -S connect npm r -S express npm r -S koa

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